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Teaching Riders

Vicky Nicholls and Aristocat - champion part bred Arab Rihs 2013

I regularly teach at home and off-site. I take on pupils at all levels and can teach pupils from Novice to Advanced dressage.

I can also instruct pupils on the art of showing and my pupils have achieved excellent results at Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International Horse Show. I've also helped pupils at all levels in eventing from Novice to Advanced and two of my pupils have competed at Badminton Horse Trials.

To me, it is important that my pupils clearly understand the importance in the basic way of going in a horse and that it is the foundation of everything to achieve the higher levels. To this end it I want to teach a pupil make a horse a beautiful, light, easy, responsive and pleasurable ride.

For more details of teaching please contact me.

left: Jono Fryer and Ducal Royal Emblem - 9th heavyweight hunters HOYS
right: Jono Fryer and Ducal Royal Emblem - 1st RIHS amateur heavyweight championship and 8th heavyweight hunter championship 2014
Heather Jeffers on Consult Ramiro - winner novice restricted at national dressage championships and 2nd elementary restricted winter national dressage championships 2012