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Useful Links

These links are to people and companies who have been particularly helpful to me. I would recommend their products and services to anyone producing horses.

To request a link please contact me.


  • Nathalie Todd travels all over the country taking pictures of beautiful horses, charismatic dogs, elegant cats and gorgeous children and wonderful weddings.
    Visit: Nathalie Todd
  • Holly Bates has just started out on her photography career and is already building up an impressive portfolio ranging from animals to autosport!.
    Visit: Holly's Gallery,
    Call: 07775 2498914,
    or Email:


  • Black Country Saddles. Synonymous with quality & innovation. Specialise in a wide range of saddles to suit all types of horses. Black Country Saddles work closely with your saddlefitters to ensure the best possible combination of fit for both horse and rider - the ultimate in made to measure
    Visit: Black Country Saddles
  • Rimell Saddlers, stock a wide range of saddlery and clothing for both horse and rider. Saddles and bridlework can be made to order if required.
    Visit: Rimell Saddlers

Horse Feeds

  • HOE Country Feeds, stock all brands of horse and pet feed available together with bedding and stable equipment.
    Visit: HOE Country Feeds

Professional Bodies

  • British Show Horse Association (BSHA) is the governing body of showing for hacks, cobs and riding horses.
    Visit: British Show Horse Association
  • The British Horse Society (BHS) is a membership-based equine charity (Registered Charity 210504)
    Visit: British Horse Society
  • British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) looks after the sport of Show Jumping in Great Britain as its governing body.
    Visit: British Show Jumping Association
  • British Show Pony Society(BSPS) is an organisation which oversees affiliated show pony, hunter pony and working hunter pony competitions in the United Kingdom..
    Visit: British Show Pony Society
  • Coloured Horse and Pony Society is a specialist society for just coloured horses and ponies.
    Visit: Coloured Horse and Pony Society
  • British Dressage, is the UK's governing body for the sport of dressage.
    Visit: British Dressage
  • Ponies Association UK promote the welfare, care and training of horses and ponies.
    Visit: Ponies Association UK
  • Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain is the governing body for all in-hand and ridden hunters and sport horses classes.
    Visit: Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain

My Sponsors

  • Absorbine, makes Horse Health products that are available nationwide in tack shops, farm supply stores and catalogues.
    Visit: Absorbine
  • Blue Chip are producers of a range of feed balancers and supplements that are suitable for show horses. Used and recommended by Jo Bates, the range includes: Blue Chip Original, Pro, Lami-light, Dynamic, Joint RLF and Karma.
    Visit: Blue Chip
  • Buffera Ltd headwear products are available with a wide choice of styles. These products are stylish, functional and versatile and will keep performing for years to come!.
    Visit: Buffera Ltd
  • Dalmar Ireland manufacture the world's most technologically advanced products for the effective prevention and treatment of lower leg injury in horses.
    Visit: Dalmar Ireland
  • PolyPads are manufacturers of an innovative range of equestrian saddle pads, leg protectors and pet beds that are designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK.
    Visit: PolyPads
  • SealSkinz are the world's only range of waterproof, breathable, close-fitting socks and gloves. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, from outdoor pursuits to gardening, you're sure to stay dry with SealSkinz® on!.
    Visit: SealSkinz
  • Snuggy Hoods are suppliers of Sweet Itch Hoods and Sweet itch rugs as well as other horse riding equipment.
    Visit: Snuggy Hoods
  • SueMe design and produce responsibly sourced sportswear.
    Visit: SueMe

Other Equestrian Sites

  • Claydon Horse Exercisers are custom made to suit the customer using specialist experience to provide the maximum possible safety for your horses.
    Visit: Claydon Horse Exercisers
  • Equijump, specialise in portable cross country and show jumps for use at home, club and professional events.
    Visit: Equijump
  • Showing Selection are specialist suppliers of clothing and accessories including browbands for the show ring.
    Visit: Showing Selection