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Jo's Diary

Friday, 14th November 2014

Cambridge and holly - north west regional medium restricted dressage champions
Dorando owned by Ali Fernyhough 10th 4year old national dressage championships
Jessica Williams on whalton daydream 3rd hack mare class bsha champs with the team
Cambridge and holly - 3rd medium restricted national dressage championships
Comberton Corncockle - champion novice hack bsha championships
Broadstone destiny's Child - competing at hoys small riding horse championship
Daldorn Lara's Theme
Daldorn Lara's Theme - reserve champion riding horse Rihs
Daldorn Lara's theme - 1st and reserve champion Rihs

Another season is over for another year! We have been very busy this season with the dressage and the showing but its been a successful season. I will start with Devon County which was very wet and muddy! We took Scarlett (Comberton Corncockle) and Pinky (Colebourne). Scarlett was in first for the RIHS small hack qualifier, she coped very well with the wet and muddy conditions and went on to be champion and qualifying her for RIHS. She didn't compete at RIHS in the end as we had other commitments to clients horses but as this was her first season we did feel that it wouldn't matter as she didn't need to be over shown in her first season. Pinky also coped perfectly too in bad conditions and headed up the first HOYS maxi cob qualifier of the season - he also went on to win at the Royal Bath and West show a couple of weeks after that.

We took Lara (Daldorn Lara's Theme) and Scarlett to the Derby Meeting at Hickstead, they were on on consecutive days with Lara competing on the Friday and Scarlett on the Saturday. Lara really went amazingly on this day, she was moving out of her skin and really showed herself off to be winning horse that she is! She gave me everything she could have done in that class and won it. For the championship she just lacked a bit of energy after giving it everything in the class but she still is only a young horse and only in her second season of showing after a light showing season last year and some horses just take time to develop a bit more strength with age. On the Saturday when Scarlett was competing the weather is what I can only describe as monsoon conditions!! I actually had puddles in the bottom of my boots when I took them off but Scarlett was a star and she was really getting used to going in horrible conditions after her last few shows! She was really starting to go like an open horse now and gave a really good ride for the judge and she was fourth against some really fantastic horses in a class of 22 so I was thrilled with the result.

We have had Jessica William's five year old small hack Di (Whalton Daydream), with us this season and she has made a huge improvement from when she first arrived. In her first RIHS qualifier of the season she was second and reserve champion at Spring Horizons show. She then went on to be first and reserve champion PBA at BSPS Area 5 Three Shires qualifying for RIHS which I can safely say we were all thrilled about as she was just fantastically behaved! We then went to area 4B with her and she was a good girl winning the small hack RI qualifier and was also champion too so she was then qualified for two classes at RIHS!

The Royal International was an amazing show for us! We took Pinky, Lara and Di with us on the lorry. I have to say I havent looked back since having a bigger lorry, it really is one of the best decisions I've ever made to get my HGV and buy our new (new to us!) lorry. I have to say that I really believe Lara loves the Hickstead show ground. She really felt amazing going round and was pulled in top!! I thought wow thats great but we probably wouldnt stay there as yes she is now an open horse but not as confirmed as some of the older horses in the class but she gave a great ride for the judge. She went on to win the class and I was just so proud of her, I've known since were breaking her in as a three year old that she was going to be a winner and this just confirmed it. So this meant we were going in the main arena for the championship later on in the day. I love riding in that main arena at Hickstead it really is a privilege to ride in there. Lara went in there and really strutted her stuff and doing a gallop that would have put any hunter to shame, her gallop really is something! She was reserve champion to Adam Winbourne and his lovely small. Of course I would have loved to be champion but Lara is only six year old in her second season and if she was champion there we cannot improve on that so I'm over the moon with reserve champion! I then had Pinky in the maxi cob class, he was fab in the class and gave me a lovely ride (as he always does because he's perfect Pinky!) and he was second to the famous Hallmark. This really was something to be proud of! We did take Di in the ring but it really was a bit too much for her as she didn't cope with the atmosphere, she is only a five year old and the International is a very busy show so I decided it was too much for a young horse to take so I made the decision to take her out of the ring. This really was upsetting for all involved but she's a lovely horse so with more time I believe she will be a lovely small hack.

In between all the shows Holly has been busy with dressage competitions. Cambridge has been fantastic this season, he really is a horse of a life time for Holly and I am so proud when I watch them together. We decided that we would put an ear hat on him at one of the competitions just to help his concentration a little bit more as he can be quite exuberant when he first gets to a show but the ear hat really does help this. We then went to Addington where he won his medium class on 75.88% winning the class by 7%!! It was Holly's goal to get over the 70% mark in the mediums and she made it happen! Even though this was a fantastic score it still wasn't the best I have seen them go together so its nice to know that this is just the beginning of what they can do together. We then took him to the summer regional finals at Somerford Park. He really looked amazing when he was doing his test with people coming up to me and asking who was riding this horse and I was proud to say that it was my daughter! It was a tense wait to see the marks and she got 70.27% and ended up winning the class by 2%!! I cannot tell you how amazing this was, for Holly to be regional champions qualifying for the national championships! So from there we were extremely busy with other shows which meant we didnt have the best run up to the nationals as our normal routine would be going to a couple of competitions before hand. At the nationals Cambridge was very excited to be there which meant Holly had to work him a bit harder than usual making sure he wouldnt show his exuberance in the test! Its a fine line of having enough exuberance and not enough. Cambridge did a good test but was slightly lacking in his exuberance as he had expelled a lot of energy in his excitement of being there. He ended up being third which is fantastic but I think Holly was a little disappointed as we know the kind of test he can do with the right amount of energy but at the end of the day that is horses for you and to be third in the medium restricted national final is something that we are very proud of! He has done 18 classes during 2014 with 12 wins and eight of those with over 70% so an excellent record.

Holly has also had an amazing opportunity of bringing on and competing a lovely four year old owned by Ali and Rowland Fernyhough called Brian (Dorando). Brian is a fabulous and naturally loose mover with a canter to die for! He really is an amazing prospect for the future. He arrived with us in the middle of June having only just been sat on. His first competition was Shearwater Potential International Dressage Horse four year old qualifier at Patchetts at the beginning of August which was quite a big ask. This was his first time ever in a competition environment and he did have his eyes on stalks for the first ten minutes but for a first time at a competition he was brilliant! He had to go in with another horse for the test which was actually being very naughty but Brian didn't even notice this and got 83% and was third just missing out on qualification for the nationals but he ended up getting a wild card as the score was the highest score from all the other qualifiers! So this was fantastic but not ideal as the nationals would only be Brian's second ever show which as you can imagine is quite a big question for such an inexperienced four year old! Brian was a really good boy at the nationals with just a momentary blip of stage fright in the test which was he was marked down for but he showed of his three fabulous loose paces, and showed everyone that he is rather an exciting prospect for the future!

We have also had been taking Desi (Broadstone Destiny's Child) owned by Maggi Riley to the dressage competitions with Cambridge too. She really is a lovely mover and nice character to have around. We took her to Addington where she was on a did two lovely tests and won both of the tests on 73.08% and 70.38%. She really takes everything in her stride at competitions and makes you realise that we do competitions for fun and enjoyment. She completed her winter regional qualification in only three outings. Maggi had suggested that Desi do a couple of small riding horse classes with me before she went home which initially we were slightly reticent about as yes she is a beautiful mover and amazing ride but she is not really the classic shape for a show horse. But contrary to what we initially thought she qualified for HOYS in only her second outing with a comment from the judge saying what a lovely ride she was, needless to say Maggi was thrilled! We then went on to Melplash (which is miles away and almost by the beach!) and Desi was second and reserve champion! At this stage I was regretting starting her showing at the latter end of the season as the judges really did love her and her ride! From there we went to the BSHA show horse championships where I rode her in the HOYS small riding horse qualifier and she was fourth in a huge class against some top horses! Holly then rode her in the classic supreme the next day where she was ninth in the evening performance but this was what I'd call a mini HOYS class so being ninth was a really great result! Scarlett was also fantastic at the BSHA Champs being champion novice hack which is an accolade to be really proud of, I really enjoy riding the novice horses and we worked out that is the third time I have won the novice hack title. She went in to the supreme championship where she did a beautiful show but wasn't placed but I couldnt have been prouder of her that day with the way she behaved, she is a fabulous hack!

Horse of the year show wasn't one of our better shows this year but I wouldn't change one bad show for the fantastic season we've had. Scarlett really proved she was an open horse in the small hack class doing a lovely show with me and giving a good ride for the judge but unfortunately she wasn't placed which I was disappointed with as she went perfectly and didn't deserve not to be placed but that is showing for you! Pinky was next and did his normal job of being amazing going in the Caldene arena with out earplugs and gave me an amazing ride and ended up sixth which is a good placing. Desi was next with Holly and she went really well as she always does but also wasn't placed. Lara went round really well for me in the class and was iniotially pulled in second but for the judge she really wasn't happy and was a little bit naughty. This is the first time in her showing career she has ever let her self down but as I said earlier that is showing for you and horses!

Curtis (Consult Ramiro) owned by Heather Jeffers came back to us in July to be sold as Heather has moved to Brussels with her boyfriend to do her business masters so does not have the time to devote to Curtis so she made the difficult decision to sell him. We have taken a few months to getting him going how we like them to go and made his debut with Holly at Allens Hill doing two Elementarys winning them both on 70% and 71.43% which are his highest scores in elementary. We are now planning his next competition outings.

I have to say I have some fantastic pupils that have done me proud this season! I have to mention Jono Fryer first as he won the amateur heavyweight class at the Royal International and was 8th in the open heavyweight class too! He then went on to be ninth at HOYS being the highest placed amateur! Very proud teacher! I also have to mention Lucy Bridgewater as she and her lovely coloured mare were second at Windsor Horse Show getting to ride in the championship in the main arena!

New arrivals in for the Autumn are Daldorn Pavlovsk (owned by Lady Benton Jones) out of Porsche a winning small riding horse broodmare. He is a 16.1 dark brown four year old who has come to further his education with us. He has three beautiful paces and I shall be doing some dressage with him during the winter months. He has a fabulous temperament and is for sale and will really make a top dressage horse.

Also in for breaking we have a lovely 16.2hh 3 year old mare by Cassini who has a very kind straightforward temperament. We have also had for the same clients a four year old chestnut gelding for two weeks schooling by Catherston Dance in the Dark. During the autumn/winter months we take on several horses for breaking and schooling – some stay for a couple of weeks of what we call “boot camp” and some stay for a month or two.

Unfortunately two weeks ago Holly got kicked by a horse in a freak accident and broke her leg which has put her out of action until January – thank goodness she was wearing her boots and chaps otherwise the break could have been even worse. To say this is a blow is an understatement. Fortunately Gemma Hall and Kerrie Squire have stepped in to help where they can on the yard which is fantastic but it is taking some juggling to keep things up to speed. Holly is devastated as she had planned her dressage competitions throughout the winter and I have had to take over the dressage competing again until Holly is back in the saddle. One thing that does come as a positive out of this is that my website will be completely updated at long last by Holly.

On the for sale list are Comberton Corncockle and Colebourne. Both of these horses are proven in the show ring and have fabulous temperaments and further details can be viewed on my for sale page. They are for sale due to no fault of their own. Comberton Corncockle with our current unforseen circumstances is offered and Colebourne is for sale due to Averil having no time to devote to showing due to setting up her new successful design business and also developing her property up in Yorkshire. Very sad sale of both but we would be happy to continue to produce them for new owners as they are both charming characters.

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