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Wednesday, 13th November 2013

Primitive Dazzler owned by Steve Jackson - 4th HOYS Large Hack
D'Astaire ridden by Holly, owned by Averil Blundell - 3rd Young Rider Riding Horse BSHA Champs
Thriller - 7th HOYS Large riding Horse
Thriller - 7th HOYS Large riding Horse
Daldorn Lara's Theme - champion Novice riding Horse BSHA Champs
Daldorn Lara's Theme - 1st Reserve Supreme - BSHA champs
Anton Blue Rumba - owned by Mario Francis, 1st and Reserve champion Novice Hack BSHA champs
Ballyseyr Turbo owned by Lizzie Oseman - 6th HOYS Heavyweight Cobs
Gossip Girl sold to Sarah and Lauren Brown
Daldorn Sandpiper sold to join the Mary Nicoll Showteam
Dillon owned by Claire Prentice - 3 year old by Grafenstolz x Advanced Event Mare - just backed
D'Astaire ridden by Holly - 3rd Young Rider Riding horse BSHA Champ
Bally Dun Again ridden by Julie Devey - Champion Grass Roots BSHA Champs, 1st Search for a Star HOYS Riding Horse
Westerdale Regal Max RIHS
Westerdale Regal Max RIHS
Averil and D'Astaire competing at the BSHA Championships
Holly and Claire Coopers Whalton Razzamatazz - 2nd and Reserve Champion Bucks County

Another couple of months down the road and now the showing season has ended.

Holly came back from her short holiday in Marbella in August and then went off on her own to meet Claire Cooper and Whalton Razzamatazz to do the HOYS small hack qualifier (the first one since she has come back into work) while at the same time I went off to do a HOYS coloured qualifier with Shybont Navaho Girl. Well I have to say that daughter did far better than mother I am pleased to say. Holly was second and took the qualification on Razz and then not only that went on to be reserve champion to Charles Le Moignan and Comberton Carbon Copy who went on to be small hack of the year at HOYS. Shybont Navaho Girl was fourth in a strong qualifier having not put a foot wrong so pleased with the way she went!

We then at the beginning of September took Cambridge out for the first time for 16 months as he has been recovering from a stress crack in his foot and it was a slow rehabilitation to get enough foot growth to start work. Anyway he did two Elementary qualifiers at Addington and won them both convincingly on 71 and 72% - this being the first time he has competed at this level so was well on the way for his points for winter qualification! Chuffed wasn't the word!!! We had massive celebrations all round and have to say a huge thank you to Peter Milligan our vet and our farrier James Hiatt and Ben Benson who have painstakingly worked away at Cambridge on his road to recovery! We took him out to Addington in October straight after Horse of the Year Show and again he won both his Elementary classes on 68.9 and a whopping 76.09% - the highest percentage that Holly has ever had! So many great comments on the sheets afterwards and it is lovely to feel that we have such a very special horse. He has now got the relevant points for winter qualification and we shall now continue with his training and bring him out at Medium and Advanced Medium early next year. Exciting times ahead!

We all went off to the BSHA Championships - this time with quite a few rides for us all. Holly went off on the first day first thing in the morning and did the Intermediate Show Hunter HOYS qualifier with Westerdale Regal Max where he went beautifully and came third in a good class. In the meantime I went off with Thriller to do the HOYS Large Riding Horse qualifier - he went beautifully going round in a very large strong class and was pulled in top. Off he went to do his ride with the judge and he unfortunately did a rather large spook at the gate going out of the arena to the commentary point which put paid to keeping him top! Frustrated wasn't quite the word I used but that is horses for you and he was quite rightly relegated to fourth place. Averil also rode D'Astaire in this class and he did go beautifully for her but was unplaced. Holly then went on to ride Whalton Razzamatazz in the HOYS small hack qualifier where she went extremely well but was unplaced this time while I hopped on Daldorn Lara's Theme to contest the Novice Large Riding Horse. She went absolutely foot perfect and won her class so her championship then took place in the evening performance. Straight after this class I rode Anton Blue Rumba for Helen Baker (rider and producer) and Marion Francis (owner) in the Novice Small Hack class We ended up winning that class too so was absolutely delighted! Helen was unable to ride him herself as she had to go to a funeral in Leicestershire and would not have been back in time for the class so asked me to step in the week before. Lara went in the evening performance in the Novice Riding Horse championship and pulled out all the stops and felt amazing - she went champion and then went on to be first reserve supreme of the first day! She loved it all and seems to have a great brain for the show ring. Anton Blue Rumba was Reserve Champion Novice Hack - again a great result! So that was the end of the first day and onwards with the second day. Holly rode D'Astaire in the Young rider riding horse and he looked absolutely fantastic and was pulled in top. He finished in third place but still a pleasing result. He also did the classic supreme large riding horse with holly but was not pulled forward for the evening performance. Primitive Dazzler owned by Steven Jackson did the Hack mare class at the end of the day and won this convincingly having given me and the judge a great ride! So all in all a great championships for us!

Then it was the big run up to HOYS for us - I also had a ride on Ballyseyr Turbo for Lizzie Oseman which was a great honour as she had won something like fourteen championships this season so no pressure! I went up a few times to ride him at Carol Bardo's where he is produced - a lovely friendly yard and you can see immediately why they have so much success with their horses! We took Boo (Primitive Dazzler) and Fred (D'Astaire) to Addington to ride them in the indoor school the week before as neither of them had been indoors since the beginning of the season and this was really to dot my i's and cross my t's!! Both went well and we were joined by Lorraine Homer and two of her horses as well doing much the same thing. First at HOYS was Primitive Dazzler in the Large hack class. She went immaculately round for me and we were pulled in the top lot for the judge to ride. Unfortunately when she went out with the judge she saw something at the side of the ring and spooked but after that settled and gave a good ride but there is no room for error at this level and this was enough to leave her out of the top spots. She gave an immaculate show which gave us second best show marks and she had second best conformation marks but unfortunately the ride mare let her down and she finished fourth. Very frustrating especially when the ride judge came up and said what a shame it was! The next day was cob day and I rode Turbo in the heavyweight cobs for Lizzie - poor Lizzie had been very unwell all week and it was touch and go as to whether to would be able to see her boy compete - she did make it thank goodness. Turbo went beautifully on the go round and again was pulled in the top lot and gave a blinding ride for the judge who gave him 48/50 for his ride which was second highest mark! Unfortunately the conformation judge did not agree and gave him only 35/50 so leaving him on a score to finish sixth. I have to say I was a little disappointed but that's judging for you and you have to take the rough with the smooth!. Onto the next day with the two large riding horses Thriller and D'Astaire. Both went well going round and were pulled in the top lot. Thriller I would say went a little green for the judge but behaved himself and again Fred was extremely well behaved. Thriller came 7th and unfortunately for Averil Fred was unplaced. So this ended our season!

I have been very busy with my teaching helping clients before HOYS. One of my real success stories was Julie Devey and Bally Dun Again who won the riding horse section of the Search for a Star at HOYS and also the Grass Roots Championship at the BSHA Champs. They have been coming for lessons throughout the year and their hard work and dedication has paid off with the HOYS win - very proud teacher. Also well done to Annette Hance and I'm a Star who qualified for HOYS in the lightweight cobs who got a very good ride mark at HOYS of 46 so many congratulations!

Heather Jeffers's Curtis also started to come back into work after heather returned from her long work placement - we decided to give Curtis a bit of a holiday during this time as heather was not able to consistently ride and compete him so once she came back into her college life we picked up with some hacking for Curtis and slowly started getting him fit. During this time we have also kept an eye on future weather patterns and with the impending snow this year heather has made the difficult decision to move him closer to home where they have an indoor school so that she can keep working him even in inclement weather. Obviously we do not have these facilities and I completely understand and respect her decision. It was a very sad day waving them both goodbye but there is always an open door should they decide to race back to us! We have had many successes during our two years together and I am very proud that we trained a National Dressage Champion in our barn!

Also going to new pastures was Daldorn Sandpiper who we sold to Scotland where he is to contest the small intermediate classes. In actual fact he won a novice intermediate the week after he arrived so I am delighted that he has instantly had success and would like to wish the Mary Nicoll Showteam all the best with him. Also sold was Gossip Girl to Sarah and Lauren Brown who have bought her to do intermediate classes with her.

So show horses have gone on holiday and will be back in work at the beginning of January and I can now say we have a new addition to the yard for Averil in the shape of Colebourne - James Woodington's maxi cob who we have bought for the coming season. Very excited to have this lovely character on the yard - an absolute sweetheart and we are looking forward to next year! thank you James! Also being broken at the moment is Dillon a three year old by Grafenstolz our of an Advanced Event mare owned and bred by Clare Prentice. He is coming on nicely and went out for his first hack yesterday.

A quieter time for us and Holly is now doing an office job at JRM Motorsports in Daventry which is a big change for her - and I now have Vicky Nicholls who has joined the team - Vicky won Search for a Star last year with her 14hh show hunter pony and then bought Aristocat from us at Christmas last year and went on to win the part bred arab championship at the RIHS this year.

Also now advertised for sale is Thriller which is very sad as the Lintotts have decided to give up showing. He is an amazing horse whose best is yet to come. I would be delighted to keep and produce him on the yard for a new owner - please phone me for details if you are interested.

During this time I do have a couple of spaces for any winter training liveries so please feel free to call and discuss your requirements.

all the best Jo

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