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Jo's Diary

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Tuesday, 9th August 2011

Another very busy month for our Team and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who is part of it for helping us to be so successful. Steph Barker manages the yard at home when we are away at shows and makes sure that everything and everyone are shipshape for when we come home and keeps everything ticking over. It is so important to have someone at home that you can trust and will have the horses care and welfare close to her heart! Thank you! Also thanks to the farriers, James Hiatt and Barry Payne, Feed Merchants Heart of England Country Stores, Hay from Kim Lucas and Straw from Russell and of course the very important vet Peter Milligan who is extremely long suffering with my endless queries. Also Annabelle Galt. Ellen Stanwell, Maggie Turner and Mark Slingsby, David Slatter who also play an important part in Horse Massage, Chiropractic help, Equine Dentistry and Horse Transport – thank you. We are loving the new yard and its fantastic facilities – the horses are all very settled here and the owners Anne and Mike Prentice have been so incredibly helpful and supportive in helping keep the show on the road.

Shybont Navaho Girl 1st and Reserve Champion RIHS

After East of England, Daisy (Shybont Navaho Girl) went to Derby County – a super hot day with scorching temperatures – again she behaved beautifully and was Champion Coloured , this time qualifying her for the RIHS 2012. She has then stayed with me for her preparation for the Royal International Horse Show. Great excitement in the camp when at the Royal International Horse Show, she won the Lightweight Horse Ridden Coloured title and then went on to be Reserve Champion Coloured horse – Teresa, Holly and I had a few tears in our eyes for this one - Daisy is a very special person on the yard – she is known as the Precious Princess and her owner sends me regular emails for the Princess Daisy Diary entries! It really does mean the world to us to win at the Royal International Horse Show – it is a very special title. Daisy has now gone home for a few weeks, Teresa is enjoying doing some dressage on her and she will return at the beginning of September to get ready for HOYS.

Man of Quality - 4th Lightweight Hunter RIHS

Jenson (Man of Quality) has continued to mature throughout the season and he has so far always given the judge a great ride. He went to the Royal International and we were all chuffed to bits with his final placing of 4th in the large Lightweight Hunter class. I was absolutely delighted with him as he is still only a 5 year old – the ride judge came back when handing out the rosette and said that he was a beautifully schooled ride – Ruth his owner and I are very proud of our boy! He went out the next week to Bakewell Show and won his class there which has now qualified him for HOYS. I am now going to do a couple of Ladies Hunter classes on him – hopefully he will take to this as well – he should be a supremely comfortable ride and I think will present a very elegant picture.

Jenson (Man of Quality)
  • Top left: Jenson in action at Bakewell
  • Top right: Jenson in full gallop at Bakewell
  • Bottom left: Jenson in action at Bakewell show
  • Bottom right: Jenson's owner Ruth Serrell pictured right and his many supporters!
Bronze Star - 10th Small Hack RIHS, 1st Mid Herts

Bridgit (Bronze Star) was very excited at last to be going to a show even though it was the Royal International – She was there for two days before and she spent the first day whinnying to her mates letting them know how pleased she was. Although a little ring rusty, she finished 10th which I was very pleased with as she had not been to a show since Three Counties Spring Festival where she was Reserve Champion back at the beginning of May. We then took her to Mid Herts last Saturday along with Harry (Thriller) and this time she was much quieter in her voice and she won her Small Hack class which has also qualified her for HOYS. Harry came with us to Mid Herts for his first official party – He was so pleased to be out and about – he loves doing a job and seems to really thrive on his parties. He was really well behaved when we rode him round and then we stood and watched the large riding horse class while he quietly chatted to some new chums -. He has also been to Solihull Riding Club to ride around and again proved what a great temperament he has and just slotted into the groove as if he was an old hand!

Holly and Buriana Cashel - Champion Intermediates NPS

Millie (Buriana Cashel) has continued to improve throughout the season. We have taken her for two dressage lessons to Rhett Bird which Holly found really helpful. Rhett is coming over in the middle of August for an afternoon to help us with the show horses. It is so helpful to have a good trainer on the ground to help and I know am a little rusty on the training side and this will just sharpen me up and keep me on my toes and give me some things to work on with each horse. It is also helpful for Holly as sometimes although we get on really famously, Mum is Mum! Millie went to the North of England Pony Show were she was 2nd in the HOYS Intermediate qualifier missing the HOYS ticket by just one mark. This day was notable for its torrential rain – Hols went through three sets of clothes! In the Sporting Sam £1,000 Intermediate Championship 21 Champion Intermediates came forward and Millie finished 4th in this prestigious class – no mean feat as she is still only 5. She then went to Area 15 (Ipswich) just before the International where she was rather bright but managed to contain her exhuberance finishing 3rd. Onto the Royal International where she finished 9th in the Large Hack class and then went beautifully in the Large Intermediate class and finished 8th. Great results for a young mare and it was lovely that Desmond and Eileen Jenkin who own her were there to watch her. We then went onto the NPS show where she won her Intermediate class beating the Royal International champion and then went on to be champion – this is the first time that Holly has qualified a horse that she has produced for HOYS so a huge pat on the back for her – I am a very proud Mum! Holly was noted for her huge smile!

Deli's Andiamo - 4th Small Hunter RIHS

Deli’s Andiamo owned by Jan Bullock and Terry Johns has continued in fine form. He was selected for the final 8 in the Small Hunter class in the International arena at the Royal International Horse Show. He absolutely loved showing off in it and really stepped up a gear loving every minute. It was a fantastic birthday present for Jan when he finished 4th – much Pimms was sunk that night in celebration! He will continue now to contest the Intermediate qualifiers with Holly at Ponies UK and BSPS Summer Championships – great experience for her.

Whalton Razzmatazz owned by Claire Cooper produced by Charles Le Moignan Champion Hack NPS

I was lucky enough to be asked by Charles Le Moignan to ride his owners hack Whalton Razzmatazz at the National Pony Society. The Hack and Cob classes clashed and as Charles had two Cobs he asked whether I would help out and ride Razz. What a lovely horse!! Beautifully produced – I absolutely loved her. She belongs to Claire Cooper who is Charles stalwart right hand girl. We won our class and then went on to be hack Champion and this has now gained her the HOYS qualification.

I was very proud that Daldorn Racing Bow who I sold to Adam Wimbourne just after the Royal Windsor Horse Show was Intermediate Champion at the Royal International Horse Show being very capably shown by Yasmin Cuddy – a big well done!. I showed this horse for Lady Benton Jones (one of my very loyal owners) as a four year old very lightly and he was never out of the first two. I then showed him three times this year as a six year old and he was second at the College Equestrian Centre in a Royal International large hack qualifier. I am always chuffed to bits when horses I sell go on to win with their new owners – very satisfying. He was always a favourite on our yard as he had such a sweet disposition and was a fabulous ride.

Also a big congratulations to my pupil Katie Morton who was second in the 14.2 show pony class at the North of England Pony Show qualifying her for HOYS with Oldcourt Charlotte. They then went onto the Royal International and were 6th in the Pretty Polly Show Pony Championship – well done!

A new dressage livery has arrived on our yard three weeks ago belonging to Heather Jeffers called Curtis. A really beautiful looking chap who is 6 years old and he will stay with us while Heather gets herself sorted before she starts at the Royal Agricultural College . He has a great brain to work with and is a lovely ride. He has settled in very well and is loving his new routine and is enjoying going out in the field every day. Heather was head girl with Ferdi Eilberg until recently and is now planning a change of career so whilst she gets herself sorted we have full custody of her lovely horse and it will be fun to continue with his training.

Two more liveries arrive at the end of the week one being a four year old small intermediate show riding type to break and produce and the other is a three year old to break and produce for next year so plenty to keep us going! It has been a very busy season – really looking forward to HOYS now and then after that I have an operation on my back which hopefully will sort out my lower back pain and then hopefully we will be able to grab a week or ten days holiday!

Horses qualified for HOYS

Team Horses

  • Deli’s Andiamo – Small Hunter
  • Buriana Cashel – Large Intermediate Show Riding Type
  • Man of Quality – Lightweight Hunter
  • Bronze Star – Small Hack
  • Shybont Navaho Girl – Coloured Non Native Horse

Spare Rides!

  • Utah – owned by Pearl Underwood, produced by Leon King – Holly at South of England – Intermediate Show Hunter
  • Barneebus – produced by Kirstine Douglas – Jo at North of England Summer Horse Show – Lightweight Cob
  • Whalton Razzmatazz – produced by Charles Le Moignan (owner Claire Cooper) Jo at NPS Show – Small Hack


  • Katie Morton – Oldcourt Charlotte – 14.2 Show Pony – North of England Pony Show
  • Sarah Neachell – Blue Rondo – Retrained Racehorse

I was also asked by my good friend and show producer Kirstine Douglas to ride her lightweight cob at the North of England Horse Show. All her classes were clearly going to clash with the cob classes so while we were chatting in the line up in the lightweight hunter class she asked me to ride her Lightweight cob Barneebus. Well! What a gem of a ride – having never competed on a cob before but judged many of them I was a little apprehensive that I would do a good job for her - Barneebus is an absolute peach of a ride with a real fifth gear for the gallop. Kirstine has done a fantastic production job on him. I loved him! We finished 2nd in his class gaining him his HOYS ticket for Kristine and then he went on to be Reserve Champion.

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